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Rechargeable Electric Lighter USB

Rechargeable Electric Lighter USB

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Introducing the USB Plasma Rechargeable Electric Lighter 🤩- the perfect tool for lighting candles, incense, gas stove, BBQs, and more! This innovative lighter features a 360-degree flexible neck, making it easy to reach difficult angles and light objects in tight spaces.😎



Our upgraded arc lighter boasts a longer and more flexible neck, allowing for easy rotation up to 360 degrees to meet all your lighting needs. Its lightweight design is perfect for everyday use, both indoors and outdoors.



The lighter features a LED battery display, which provides real-time information on the battery volume. Once the five LED lights on the barrel light up, you can rest assured that the lighter is fully charged. With over 500 uses on a single charge, this USB lighter is a reliable companion for all your lighting needs.


Utilizing plasma technology, this lighter generates a windproof, flameless plasma arc pulse that is hotter than fire. It operates quietly and is suitable for a variety of purposes, making it a smarter and safer alternative to traditional lighters. This eco-friendly and cleaner option is free of butane, making it an excellent choice for the environment.


The plazmatic lighter comes with a USB cord and can be charged from any USB power port. It reaches full charge in approximately an hour and provides over 400 sparks , making it a reliable and long-lasting option.


This multipurpose lighter is ideal for lighting candles, stovetops, grills, barbeques, fireplaces, fireworks, lanterns, fragrance lamps, pipes, and for use during camping or other outdoor activities. With its advanced features, the arc lighter is a versatile and valuable addition to your daily life.


Uses of rechargeable electric lighter.🚀

Rechargeable electric lighters are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and sustainability compared to traditional lighters that use fuel. Here are some of the uses of rechargeable electric lighters:

  1. Lighting candles: Rechargeable electric lighters are a safe and convenient option for lighting candles, especially in windy or hard-to-reach areas.

  2. Starting a fire: Rechargeable electric lighters are an excellent tool for starting fires for camping, outdoor cooking, or emergency situations. They are safer and more reliable than matches or traditional lighters, especially in wet or windy conditions.

  3. Lighting gas stoves: Rechargeable electric lighters are also useful for lighting gas stoves, especially those with hard-to-reach burners.

  4. Welding and soldering: Rechargeable electric lighters can be used for welding and soldering, especially in small or hard-to-reach areas.

Overall, rechargeable electric lighters offer a convenient, sustainable, and safe alternative to traditional lighters for a wide range of applications.

Color: Black, Silver, Gold, Red (Depends on availability)
Material: Metal
Style: Modern
Weight : 200 Grams
Fuel Type: Electric
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