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Magical Desert Dream Art Lamp

Magical Desert Dream Art Lamp

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Eye pleasing decoration for your home!
Looking at the falling sand and the changing different landscape scenes, you will feel particularly calm and relaxed!
Watching the flowing sand slowly form a landscape map, as if you are in the mountains, rivers, stars and sea.Your breathing rate slows down and the whole world is quiet, which can release pressure, relax your eyes and cultivate patience.
Decrease Stress & Anxiety With The Sandscape's Hypnotic Journey
Smooth movement of sand relieves stress, relaxes your eyes and increases patience. Watch the mountains and valleys that form in front of your eyes!
The Perfect Gift DOES Exist.
The sandscape presents itself as an immaculate gift for any of your loved ones and friends. The sand flow could serve as a soothing meditation or as an inspiration for art.Ā 
āœ… Relieves stressĀ 
āœ… Improves mood
āœ… Non-repetitive dynamic painting
āœ… Luxurious & Unique Gift
  • Material: Glass, Acrylic, Quicksand
  • Surface process: Polishing
  • Colour: Random
  • Size: 7.5 inch - 26x27x4.5cm
  • Country of Origin:Ā China
1.Ā SandscapeĀ is the natural balance of water, sand and air. The air height is about 5mm, and the sand will reach a better flow rate.
  • If sandĀ falls too slowly: draw out some air
  • If sandĀ falls too fast: add some air
2.Ā With the change of temperature and air pressure, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the air and water in the sand painting. (air conditioner in package)
  • There is a hole in the frame of each round sand painting to concentrate the air to the corner of any hole and wait for all the sand to move away.
  • Insert the air conditioner into the air hole to extract or add some air.
3.Ā If many small bubbles are formed inĀ sandscape, especially large bubbles, a little water can be filled to supplement the evaporation of water.
  • Be sure to use pure or boiled cooling water
  • Select an air hole, wait until all the sand is removed, extract some air, and empty the air conditioner pipe.
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